Why Limo Services Are A Better Choice Than Uber

Uber is still a relatively new service, having started in 2009. The obvious advantage that Uber offers is that their services are often far less expensive than many other kinds of transportation, such as traditional taxis. But sometimes you get what you pay for, and this is the case with Uber. 

Chauffer services are usually more expensive than Uber rides, and many people might prefer a chauffer service because the vehicles used by a chauffer service are generally more comfortable. In fact, the most important reason that chauffer services are superior to Uber is because they are safer.

Uber Rides

Uber says it is not a transportation provider, claiming to only be responsible for their App which leads to ridesharing. The company does not own or operate any vehicles. They claim that they are only responsible as a go-between.

Uber has tried to argue that their drivers are independent contractors, so they are not responsible for any accidents that happen while their drivers are working. They require all of their drivers to meet minimal requirements, such as possession of a driver's license, being in good health and passing a background check.

They are also required to have insurance, and Uber provides supplemental insurance now only when the app is on. Their insurance only covers while a passenger is in the vehicle, and they have denied claims. Uber denied responsibility for one claim where an Uber driver fatally struck a child because they claim that the driver did not have an active fare.

Why Choose Limo Services

Safety is the main priority when traveling. There have been reports that Uber can have many safety concerns. Vehicle accidents, assaults and more have been at the forefront of these concerns. With Uber, you are essentially getting into a stranger’s car. Though one may argue this is the same for a taxi or limo services, these services have dispatchers- Uber does not.

Unlike Uber drivers, all limo drivers are trained. They require a special license, and cannot get a job at a reputable limo service unless they have a clean driving record. The company is responsible for what their drivers do and is proud of the services they offer. Also unlike Uber drivers, chauffeurs have a  service orientation where they treat each customer with special treatment, including professional etiquette.

At CSI, choosing a luxury transportation service also allows you to travel in style. When paying for a limo service, you can expect the great quality, service and experience you deserve. 


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